so just another reminder that i switched blogs! let me know if you want the new link.

right so, switching blogs. that’s happening. lemme know if you want the link. alright, cool. 

so, i think i’m going to move blogs? i’m not super comfortable with the access some people have to this one? and i want to fix that? i’m not going to post it on here, cause that would kind of negate moving, but if you want my new url, message me and i’ll give it to you. cool.

Photo Booth
guess who is living with me in boston now!

guess who is living with me in boston now!

HP Photosmart C4700 series

Attack the Block (2011)


Taylor Swift - Holy Ground

oh my gosh laura keeps sending me music we used to hear when we went out to clubs in lugano and man, remember that time i had a social life and did anything at all? also, wow i really miss laura and lugano today. it came up with some kids in my painting class tonight that i lived in switzerland for a while and they were asking me about it and now i really miss it. 


TAMMY BALDWIN, the Senator-Elect from Wisconsin, will become the first openly gay person ever elected to Senate. MAZIE HIRONO, the Senator-Elect from Hawaii, will become the first Asian-American woman in Senate. TAMMY DUCKWORTH, the Representative-Elect for Illinois, will become the first disabled female veteran elected to the House of Reps. (she lost both her legs in the Iraq War).

Tonight is one for the history books.